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01/22/22 – Courier Express

DuBois’ Elisha Burns receives Nearpod’s first-ever Educator of the Year award. Learn more

01/26/22 – The Journal

Nearpod Math Launches with Emphasis on Flexible Instruction Design, Standards-Aligned Content. Learn more

02/18/18 – Campus Technology

Nearpod, an instructional platform, is expanding its content for higher education. Learn more


05/28/21 – WAVY-TV

Excellent Educators: First-year Cradock Middle School teacher uses ‘Nearpod’ for interactive learning. Learn more

05/20/21 – The Kansas City Star

From shearing sheep to planting fields, kids can learn online or in person at Mahaffie. Learn more

03/17/21 – The New York Times

Learning Apps Have Boomed in the Pandemic. Now Comes the Real Test. Learn more

02/23/21 – BusinessWire

Renaissance and Nearpod, Coming Together to Empower Teachers and Accelerate Student Growth. Learn more


11/11/20 – School Library Journal

Get the Most Out of Zoom, Nearpod, Biblionasium, and Other Tools While Teaching Remotely. Learn more

08/31/20 – Fast Company

Remote learning doesn’t have to be awful. Here’s what actually works. Learn more

08/04/20 – WebWire

Students joined Nearpod lessons 120 million times last school year; now the platform offers even greater flexibility for in-school, hybrid, and home-based learning. Learn more

05/19/20 – Wall Street Journal

20 Ways Tech Can Keep Your Kids Engaged and Learning This Summer. Learn more

05/15/20 – EdWeek

Social Studies Instruction in the Age of the Coronavirus. Learn more

04/20/20 – Miami BootCamps

38 Miami Companies to Watch in 2020. Learn more

11/09/20 – Education Week

Teacher-Recommended Tools for Online Learning. Learn more

09/29/20 – PBS

How schools are coping with the constantly changing landscape of COVID-19. Learn more

04/08/20 – Education Week

Coronavirus School Closures Accelerate Utah’s Statewide Adoption of Nearpod. Learn more

03/16/20 – USA Today

Teacher-Recommended Tools for Online Learning. Learn more

03/05/20 – HudsonValley360

Students & Teachers Use Technology to Achieve Distance Learning. Learn more

03/04/20 – Yahoo News

A local science teacher has joined others around the world harnessing technology to make sure her students don’t miss their chemistry lessons. Learn more

03/03/20 – We are Teachers

200+ Amazing Online Learning Resources. Learn more

03/02/20 – Parade

Avoid Cabin Fever With These 125 Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained During the Coronavirus Crisis. Learn more

03/01/20 – Pop Sugar

57 Free Educational Websites Parents Can Access While Schools Are Closed. Learn more


11/01/19 – Campus Technology

The company’s “student engagement” system for K-12 lets teachers create, download, and teach interactive lessons that include quizzes, polls, open-ended questions, digital collaboration, and 3D objects. Learn more

10/01/19 – Fox News

What we’re really striving to do is to help teachers get that 100 percent student engagement regardless of ZIP code, regardless of student learning abilities… Learn more

07/08/19 – Tech & Learning

Nearpod is the winner of Tech & Learning’s Best of Show at ISTE! Learn more

07/22/19 – Tech & Learning

The company announced the launch of a new feature during ISTE! Learn more

05/21/19 – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

The students of Chad Miller’s seventh grade social studies class put pencil to paper on average once during the entire period. As their teacher, he’s OK with that. Learn more

03/04/19 – Refresh Miami

When I first met Nearpod’s co-founders in 2015, they were working in a small office tucked inside a Hallandale warehouse and were getting ready to relocate their team of several dozen. Learn more

02/23/19 – ELearning

Nearpod, a company that prepares off-the-shelf course supplements, believes it has at least a partial solution. Learn more


12/17/18 – Morgantown News

Second-grade students at Mylan Park Elementary School got a lesson in world cultures and technology Monday morning with the help of virtual reality. Learn more

11/01/18 – CNN

A wave of new edtech companies are using VR to bring vivid experiences like these to the classroom, with advocates highlighting the technology’s ability to grab the attention of young minds. Learn more

10/17/18 – The Sun

From their modest San Bernardino classroom, 9-year-olds Travis Vasquez and Amy De La Rosa got to visit the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Roman Colosseum, Big Ben, and Statue of Liberty on Tuesday, Oct. 16. Learn more

05/11/18 – FOX40

Imagine traveling around the world without ever leaving your high school classroom. Learn more

01/25/18 – WGRZ

Alden Middle School is using a new program that keeps students engaged and excited about the lesson of the day. Learn more


09/12/17 – Fast Company

Now that every kid is on social media, maybe it’s time schools start teaching how to treat others on those services.but these immigrants are excelling. Learn more

9/1/17 – Inc

Between cultural differences and language barriers, getting ahead can be hard in a foreign country, but these immigrants are excelling. Learn more


02/25/16 – Fortune

Students in the San Francisco Unified School District and Polk County Public Schools in Florida are the first to use Nearpod VR virtual reality lesson plans. Learn more

02/11/16 – The Wall Streat Journal

Virtual-reality technology is ready for the classroom. Whether teachers are ready for virtual reality is less clear. Learn more


09/16/15 – The Journal

Nearpod, a company that provides tools to sync learning resources and content across devices, has integrated its technology with Google Classroom. Learn more

06/14/15 – Miami Herald

Nearpod’s model is to take a bottom-up approach, by first becoming a free tool that K-12 teachers want to use to engage their students. Learn more